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We have owned Bull Terriers since 1981, we were only 15 and still at school, yes that’s right childhood sweethearts.


We have been serious about this awesome breed from day one of owning them and almost straight away we started showing which was quite hard at the time as we needed our parents to take us and our dog Baron to the shows.


It wasn’t long after that we started going to Bull Terrier Club meetings and you guessed it our parents had to take Bernadette and myself to the meetings also, the joys of having kids with interests.


Over the next few years we had a few litters and quite a bit of fun we also met quite a few people who guided us in the right direction and quite a few who were no help at all.

The people that come to mind that helped Bernadette and I to survive in this breed were mainly Dennis and Beverly McFarlane and  Steve Archer, these people are still some of our closest friends today!


Moving on to 1984 we met Edie Mickelthwaite who was judging our local Bull Terrier Club Show.


Then in 1985 we imported a male dog from Edie and John. The following year we were in England on our honeymoon when we imported a beautiful bitch of Edie and John’s called Curraneye and Eve who was mated in England before being sent to Australia.

The month we spent in England on our honeymoon was the greatest eye opener a young couple could ever wish for, the quality of Bull Terriers was outstanding.

At the time in Australia we owned a bitch that was bred by Steve Archer called Ch. Charer Melanie Rose which was highly competitive in Australia and I kid you not that Rosie would have been lucky to have gotten a forth place ribbon in her class at an English Show.


Now this was the time we realized and set our target on breeding Bull Terriers from the top English bloodlines.

We bred quite a few litters over the next few years and used most of the imports that came to our country, then friends by the name of Colin and Shirlene Schmalow introduced us to Joe and Doreen Lamonby who were looking to place a male dog called Emred Black Gold, wow what an injection into our kennel Eric was sired by the great Eng Ch. Boco Be Good of Aricon and his mother was Brobar Aunt Sally of Emred.


For the next ten years our kennel was based around Eric and also a bitch we purchased from Jamie and Shirley Watkis that was also a Boco daughter called Westbul Virginia.

Then in 2003 our children John and Beckie were representing Australia in the world cup for Karate in which Beckie became the World Champion and John received the Bronze Medal, it just happened that the World Cup was to be held in England.

This gave us a great chance to meet Doreen in person and also her son Russell and his wife Linda who we had spoken to on the phone quite a few times over the years, we found Russell to be one of the most interesting people that you could ever want to speak to about Bull Terriers.

One night after quite a few beers and a great meal Russell out of the goodness of his heart offered Bernadette and I a bitch called Emred Lady Madonna who was a Ch. Emred Devils Chance daughter, I thought I must have been hearing things when he said that he would like to send her to Australia mated so we can have the whole litter to rebuild our kennel and it was desperately needed as we were needing new blood.

So we decided to mate Tess to her half brother Ch. Bilston Blackjack  of Emred also a  Ch. Emred Devils Chance son which produced three girls and three boys, stardom kennels couldn’t have been happier. Thank you Doreen and Russell for your help and your friendship and guidance over the years.


 We are currently following on with these dogs today!   2007





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